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Fighting to Protect Your Right & Assert Your Innocence

The Law Office of Kevin F. Moot is a full service criminal defense firm dedicated to providing aggressive representation and counsel to individuals facing criminal prosecution. As a former Major Violent Crimes Prosecutor, Attorney Kevin F. Moot has extensive experience litigating complex cases and pursuing justice.

Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges, clients of Kevin F. Moot are assured that their attorney has the training, knowledge, and experience to fight their case with the utmost skill and integrity. Our legal team remains informed and engaged in the litigation process, from beginning to end, no matter what you are facing.

We never hesitate to fight for you.

When you’ve been arrested, our goal-oriented attention to detail can help you find the creative defense strategy you need to help you find a solution that protects your best interests.

The best part of my job is telling clients that we got the resolution we were looking for. It is very gratifying to provide people with the advice and legal knowledge that they couldn’t get on their own.” - Attorney Kevin F. Moot

Remember that your Constitutional rights are like muscles: if you don’t exercise them, they’re of no use. When police say, “you have the right to remain silent,” do yourself a favor and remain silent!​

Benefits of Retaining a Former Prosecutor

  • The knowledge of how police and prosecutors operate
  • Experience with complex litigation in a number of cases
  • Perspective and insight to give clients peace of mind
  • In-depth investigation into your legal issue
  • Strategies to strengthen your defense
  • A focus on finding solutions to protect your rights

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  • I’ve been arrested. What should I do?

    I’ve been arrested. What should I do?

    It is important that you exercise your right to remain silent and do not answer any questions without having an attorney present. Remember that anything you say can be used against you in court and thus affect both your future and your freedom. We always make sure that your rights are protected.

  • How can Attorney Moot help me?

    How can Attorney Kevin F. Moot help me?

    We keep your goals in mind, using a meticulous study of the facts of each case, collaboration with various experts and professionals when appropriate, thorough legal research, and strategic planning to best exploit the weaknesses of the prosecution's case.

  • What penalties am I facing?

    What penalties am I facing?

    Each case is unique and potential punishment depends on the nature of the alleged offense and your criminal history. You may face fines, mandatory counseling, jail time, or a prison sentence if convicted. At the Law Office of Kevin F. Moot, we work to get you the best possible outcome.

  • What can I do if I’m innocent?

    What can I do if I’m innocent?

    It is the prosecution’s job to reach a conviction. It is our Broward County criminal defense lawyer’s job to ensure your innocence is protected. We pay attention to the facts of your case, conducting an independent investigation to help ensure that you are not wrongly convicted.

Arrested? Accused?

The Law Office of Kevin F. Moot Is Here for You

Criminal matters do not always happen during business hours and an arrest is the last thing you want to think about at night. This is why Attorney Kevin F. Moot is available when you need him most, including nights and weekends. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a devoted defense attorney on your side.

You shouldn’t have to wait to get the representation you need. When you retain our firm, we work for you, helping to relieve the burden of your legal issues. Let out lawyer handle your case while you focus on your life.​

Strategic Legal Services & Advocacy

Meet Attorney Kevin F. Moot

I view my role not only as an advocate, but as a guide. My clients are often confused, scared, and stressed about the consequences of what may happen to them once they’ve been accused of a crime. I take the time to walk my clients through the legal process, explain what the police and the prosecutors are doing, and explain the steps that we need to take together in order to successfully defeat the charges.

For me, no case is routine. Often, what may appear to be a trivial detail or small fact can prove to be of immense importance. I pride myself as an attorney who knows how to find and exploit these details in order to craft a persuasive theory to the case, or to mount a strong legal argument for dismissal.

Meet Our Dedicated Attorney

Not Guilty

“Not Guilty” in a Complex Sex Crime Case

The Law Office of Kevin F. Moot represented a young man falsely accused of First Degree Sexual Battery. Although our client maintained his innocence while speaking with detectives, the detectives badgered the client and twisted his words until they convinced the client to write an “apology letter” to the alleged victim. The prosecution wanted to label our client as a Sexual Offender for the rest of his life and put him in prison.

After combing through the alleged victim’s text messages from the night of the alleged offense, we discovered a series of text messages that contradicted the alleged victim’s statements to police. We also successfully filed a motion to suppress the “apology letter” that our client wrote, as we argued that the police violated the client’s 5th Amendment rights when they interrogated him.

After we filed a motion and after we conducted a series of depositions of the State’s witnesses, in which we demonstrated the weakness of the State’s case, the State backed down and dropped all charges. Our client is now happily married with a child and enjoys a successful career in aviation.

Use Your Rights. Protect Your Freedom.

  • The Right to Remain Silent Don’t answer police questioning without having an attorney present. Anything you say will be used against you and even little things can greatly jeopardize your freedom. Be polite but assert your right to not incriminate yourself. Police are required to respect this.

  • Hire an AttorneyHaving a lawyer on your side is incredibly important. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Kevin F. Moot has the knowledge, the resources, and the dedication to fight for you in court. Remember that it is never in your best interest to represent yourself – trust a professional.

  • Don’t Waive Your Right to a Fair TrialDon’t take a plea deal if it is not in your best interests. With the Law Office of Kevin F. Moot on your side, we can fight for you to achieve the resolution you need, including a better verdict or deal then you would get from pleading without a trial.

  • You Have the Right to RefuseRemember that police have no right to search your belongings without a probable cause or a warrant. This means that officers cannot mistreat you for refusing them access to your home or car. If this has happened, document the incident as soon as possible to help build a strong defense.

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